Convenient location, very reasonable prices. Can get a little loud before games, and in the evening. Beautiful patio, friendly, helpful staff.

Kim Johnston

The food is good and the bar makes nice drinks.

Davis Chapman

Great staff, friendly atmosphere, good food, solid drinks. I enjoy the Catalina Club. I would recommend.

Mark Roberts

It was close to my hotel so I popped in for a drink and ended up staying for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised by my meal. I travel for a living and good meals are hard to come by, sometimes. I was even more impressed with the staff, particularly Parker, Melissa, and Bethany. I'd definitely go out of my way to come here again.

D Imrit

The ambiance is really nice.

Brian Rauch

A little on the noisy side but the drinks are good and the food is cheap.

HusbandBOT 3000

I've been coming here for a few years and have nothing to complain about other than I wish they could make a proper Bull Blaster,
1 1\2 shot of Jagermeifter into tall glass with 8 ounces of Red Bull, THEN add the ice.

Ray Naranjo

The best local joint in town for food and Drink !

Joel Lipscombe